Attwood Electronics - Products & Services


We work closely with the Sewing Machine Suppliers and Sewing Machine Technicians around New Zealand to provide full service on all electronic equipment used in the Apparel industry.

  • Electronic Sewing Motor Controllers
  • Programmable Automatic Machinery
  • Spreading Machines
  • Knitting Machines
  • Fusing Presses

Attwood Electronics have SPECIALISED TEST EQUIPMENT for simulating a Sewing Machine. This ensures that your controller is FULLY OPERATIONAL when it is returned to you.

We supply

  • Efka, Ho Hsing and Quick spare parts
  • We stock an increasing range of parts for Ho Hsing Servo and Clutch Motors, including Clutch and Brake Linings for Ho Hsing Manual Clutch Motors.
  • Second Hand Parts for most motors.
  • Laser Marker Lights
  • LED Machine Lights

We can supply:

  • HO HSING Servo Motors provide an ECONOMICAL drive solution.
  • Suitable for most standard machine operations.
  • QUICK Servo Motors are very VERSATILE and POWERFUL.
  • The best of German Excellence at a reasonable price.

Contact us to find out how HO HSING or QUICK motors can help you.

For further information on these motors visit Ho Hsing and Quick (see links below)


We work closely with Industrial Electricians and Engineers across Auckland to provide full service on all industrial electronic equipment.

  • Specialists in AC/DC Motor Drives and Stepper Drive Controllers
  • We can inspect and advise of maintenance to drive equipment to prevent costly breakdowns.
  • Programmable Automatic Machinery e.g. CNC Machinery
  • Circuit Board repairs
  • Assistance in troubleshooting machine problems
  • Assistance in machine development or automation
  • Design electronic circuits and circuit boards to meet your requirements

We can supply

  • Laser Marker Lights
  • LED Machine Lights
  • Replacement Sensors and Encoders