Industrial Electricians

At Attwood Electronics we partner with Industrial Electricians (and other service businesses) to be your Electronics Service Department.

We value industrial electricians because they have established relationships with their customers, and they understand the needs of the machines they support.

Often, they will extract a piece of equipment and get it to us with a clear description of the problem.

Our point of difference - we specialise in machine level, board level AND component level diagnosis and repair. 

We service many types of equipment in a range of electronic fields - Control, Analogue, Digital, Power, HMI etc. 

We service up-to-date equipment, and some from decades past.

For many Industrial Electricians in Auckland, we are the number one option for servicing electronic equipment.

The others just haven’t tried us yet.

The team at Attwood Electronics has the experience and resources to solve obscure problems for real world situations.

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