Most machine user-manuals contain detailed instructions about maintenance. For a machine to have a long productive life, the maintenance instructions must never be ignored. Scheduled maintenance can be taken care of in-house, or by a trusted contractor.
But when it comes to the specialised area of your electronic equipment, we are here to provide the required maintenance support.

Cabinet fans are very effective for distributing cool air. Unfortunately, they are also very effective in delivering debris / contamination to sensitive places. Corrosive atmospheres may include moisture from bad compressed air, or poor cleaning practices, or nearby machines that process sugary drinks. These are a common cause of early machine failure.

Most electronic equipment contains capacitors. These components may have a shortened life particularly under poor maintenance conditions which makes them work harder.
Eventually one will fail and leak corrosive paste, or worse, cause an arc that damages the circuit board.
It takes an experienced eye to recognise failing capacitors and corroded tracks. We look for this in every service job.

Sometimes the most obvious maintenance is overlooked:

Written on the battery cover (right beside the operator panel) it says: “When replacing batteries (once a year) be sure that the control power is on. Only the alkaline manganese dioxide batteries should be used.”
The original batteries lasted nearly 30 years before the program memory was lost.

By maintaining your electronic equipment on a regular basis – you get to plan when your equipment will be offline rather than your equipment choosing for you – often at the most inopportune time.

Our preventative maintenance procedures, dramatically reduce the risk of unexpected failures. Benefits are cost effective, sustainable, reducing your carbon footprint.

Speak to us about setting up a service / inspection program for your equipment.